SF+FA session

The conference will include a Student Forum and Fast Abstract Session to be held on May 9th, 18:00-19:00. The program of the session is:

  • A Model-driven Approach for Processing Complex Events, István Dávid (student forum paper)
  • Towards a Security Engineering Process Model for Electronic Business Processes, Jörn Eichler (fast abstract)
  • SecureSMART: A Security Architecture for BFT Replication Libraries, Benedikt Höfling, Hans P. Reiser (fast abstract)
  • Secure Comparison Without Explicit XOR, Rajendra S. Katti, Cristinel Ababei (fast abstract)
  • Airborne Software Tests on a Fully Virtual Platform, Famantanantsoa Randimbivololona, Abderrahmane Brahmiy, Philippe Le Meurz (fast abstract)
  • Exploring Application Logs, Janusz Sosnowski (fast abstract)
  • Experimenting with Component-Based Middleware for Adaptive Fault Tolerant Computing, Miruna Stoicescu, Jean-Charles Fabre, Matthieu Roy (fast abstract)
The proceedings of the joint session are available at CoRR.